ADVENTURE!: Point Aconi, CB



Happy New Year, buddies!

I guess this is where I reflect on the ups and downs of 2016 to glean a greater insight into my future. Followed by resolutions to do yoga every day and replace my rum with kale juice or some shit. Meh.

These are some pictures CB and I took out at Point Aconi, about an hour away from here. It was a superlatively nice day and it would have been a shame to let it end without a bit of good old fashioned adventuring. There is supposed to be wicked cool fossils all up in them craggy cliffs but I wasn’t about to go clamouring around on sheer cliff faces covered in rotting seaweed for a peek at an old trilobites stoney old butthole or something. If they even have butts. I’ll never know. There’s a million and one great secret places to fossil hunt in Cape Breton and I mean to check out every damn one of them.


By the time I had finished farting around on the internet googling a good place for our expedition we only had a couple hours daylight left. So it narrowed down the search to somewhere relatively close. Point Aconi is supposed to have great rocks and nice fossils, nice walking trails and a good beach. Being as it’s January the beach part wasn’t a significant draw for me right now but it is noted for future adventures.


Snacks were packed (cheese strings and graham crackers, solid adventuring fuel) and we got on the road. It was a beautiful drive, one that I’d like to make again in the summer. Along the same way are a couple of strawberry U-Picks and a really outstanding bakery/antique market that was closed for the season. When we were there in the summer I bought an caviar spoon someone had made out of a seashell and some kind of horn or antler, its lovely. For all my fancy time caviar eating.


This is the view from where I parked the Buick haphazardly on the side of a cliff.

SOLID WISDOM: Always park your car in the most dangerous way possible. Sometimes if you tempt fate too much it lets you be, because there’s no thrill for it in something so obvious.


This is.. some kind of.. platform.. that was left here by a videogame designer who was going for a seaside apocalypse feel. I can only assume. I peed on it anyway, so it’s mine now. WHAT!? I was too busy packing snacks to remember to go before I left the house and an hour is the best I get out of an empty bladder these days anyway.


Look, it really looks like a scene from Fallout 4. For real. Cape Breton would be a great landscape to copy for a Myst-style game. Remember Myst? What a frustrating game. My mom used to play it an keep a notebook beside her to keep track of all the cryptic fucking messages and codes you needed to move through to what Im sure was a very disappointing ending that answered none of our questions. It was the LOST of videogames. MYYYYYST *Shakes fist*


Oh here’s a cliff face that looks full of tasty fossils. Looks easy to get to. Was not. Covered in heaps of slippery seaweed, perfect for murdering bold adventurers and claiming their snacks for the cold dark ocean. Im sure theres some cool fossils in there though. Just look at it. Pulsing with antiquity. Lusty with precambrian sedimentary rock formations. I just want to see one fossil! Damn it!


It was very clear and we had a nice view from the point overlooking some snowy hills across the way.


Looks like some nice walking trails here, but it was getting dark too quickly for us to meander down one of them. Next time!




A new fangled lighthouse robot. Not as impressive as the old school kind.


The base for the old lighthouse. We stomped around on it.


Little baby bit of Point Aconi left way out by itself in the ocean. Poor thing.


Power plant, chugging away. Making it’s own cloud.


Nice patch of ice to stand precariously on to look down the 912801291 foot sheer drop off onto the rocky shore below. No thanks.




The End!


Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay


CB and I took a walk down to the end of the Gabarus village before I left for my trip home. There’s snow on the ground now, but I thought I would put these pictures from the walk up because they are still lovely. Everything all grey and gold and green.

I have a bad habit of collecting special specimens on walks, until my pockets are bulging with rocks to breaking point. Im happy to say Im back just taking pictures of the pretty things and then leaving them where they were at when I found them. I’ll break less pockets and find less surprises in the washing machine later on down the road this way.






End of the road, folks.




Taking some pictures around the house. This is out on the bridge, out looking across to the south side of town. Its bloody cold out today, so I didnt take many more pictures outside!



The pretty girl, smiling.




Coupla nice jugs! Ha-HAW!

This duck givin’ me the ol stink eye.


Christmas Town, lording over us, biding their time until they shine again..



Some rocks and ropes and stuff.



Turnips with tons of butter and pepper, daaaa-yum, so yum, in my tum!



Pretty long beets, ready for pickling! I got 3 litres of pickled beets!



My favourite cold weather activity. Cooking down a big pan of Way Too Many Onions in Way Too Much Butter until they are brown and delicious.



Make a warm cup of tea.


Butter melting in a cast iron pan, OOOOOU sexy sexy, too much, stop!



CB’s awesome dinner of breaded lamb kidneys, thick cut bacon, onions and brussel sprouts. Because he is a 115 year old man. Although he did race around all week like a fucking superhero after eating this so I guess there’s something to it.

Alright Im going to go watch this Australian horror movie “the babadook”?? I’m not.. looking forward to it.. wish me luck!

Morning Drive


Went for a wee boot around the island today. Its been kind of a downer, weather wise, this week. Cold, very grey, very foggy. It’s the end of May and Im still walking to work in my toque and mittens. Ah well after 8 months of winter, I’ll be so desperate for summer I’ll enjoy every sunny damn minute of it.

I took pictures out the window because fuck it, I’m not wandering around out there getting all cold and damp. Bleh. So these are super blurry, but kind of nice anyway, like you’re coming for the ride with us. I took a video but youtube’s being a prick so maybe I’ll upload it later. This is mostly in and around Seldom, which is short for “Seldom Come By.” Accurate because we don’t get out there very much. Sometimes we get burgers at a little place called Vanessa’s or drive through to the ferry.

This first picture is of the F.U Trading Company. Great name! Sometime we will stop and see what it’s all about. Maybe they will have some lobsters for eating in there!


A house I’ve always kinda liked. I think its the red roof with the ladder on it, its nice looking.


The ferry was loading up when we went by. We were tempted to hop on just to drive to Rosie’s diner, have lunch, and drive back. But we decided we should probably go home and clean up like responsible adults.


Keep your peepers peeled for boos.


There’s little cemeteries absolutely everywhere here, because if the ground is soft enough to dig on, you’re gonna take advantage I guess. 100% sure there’s ghosts in this picture. Just chillin, talking about the crap we


A nice shed.


Across the harbour.


The siding on this house is really nice. Porch needs some love, though.



Little blue tugboat. Maybe not a tugboat, just a fishing boat, dunno.

IMG_7919S is for Shutters!


Tide is out, seaweed is in.


Spaghetti and meatballs.


Lobster traps all lined up and ready to go! Had some lobster the other day, it was super sweet and buttery mmm





This is one of my favourite houses here, all pink and lilac.


Starting to rain. Time to go home



Hunting Cloudberries


Its beautiful outside today and I dont have to be stuck in my kitchen so I thought I’d spend my morning harvesting all the blueberries from our front yard. All I needed was a bucket, my camera, and an ice cream cone and I was ready to rock. I got about half a bucket in when I became more interested in taking pictures of nice looking rocks. I decided to do a photo tour of my “back yard”. I just kind of meandered around up this large rocky hill beside our trailer to have a peek. There was a fantastic view at the top of the Inn and the ocean, and Joe Batts.


The Black Tower!


The blueberries are little plumpers now. So sweet!


These mossy rocks were pretty. Kind of reminded me of a trout.


Not sure what berry this is, but they are very cute, like little buttons that have eaten too much dinner.


This is where CB has to sleep from now on.


Caribou moss. I crushed a lot of it with my butt when I got too lazy to stoop to pick my berries. Sorry ma ‘bou.


Epic rock fortress.


This is I think an old metal bowl coated in white ceramic. It was very pretty. It reminded me of why I carry a camera with me. So I dont have to wander home carrying all kinds of random stink junk I saw in the woods and thought was “pretty”.


Juniper berries. A chef at work told me it takes 4 years for a berry to turn blue. So much effort just to have me swoop in and fill a jar with them. Wahaha!


It was sunny and 20 degrees out today. Yesterday it was 8 degrees and I didnt have to push the accelerator to drive to work, I just let the wind blow me there.


Red berries.


As I crested the hill I came across a little graveyard. I said hello to all the dead grandmas and grandpas relaxing their old bones under stones. The cemetery turned into a boggy grassland that was surrounded by hills and was deathly quiet. In the bog there was sinister blood red and veiny looking pitcher plants. I started to think i was standing ankle deep in corpse juice and hightailed it.




I was being artistic with the rocky outcroppings and the shiny metal telephone wires. Successful? Perhaps not.


Daisies and rose hips. I picked the latter for tea.


The little graveyard.



And this was the view from the beginning of my walk, a peek at the old stone church theyre renovating in Barr’d Islands. I was really hoping to come some cloudberries on my journey. Everyone says there are none growing on the island this year but I just wanted to find a couple my my mouth to enjoy. Oh well. I’ll keep hunting.

Slow Mo Splish Splash

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Without further ado might I present to you, our first gopro beach video! This is CB’s first foray into video editing, and I think it came out rather well. There is drama, suspense, splashing, sunshine, slow motion pale boobies, fast motion wave action, maybe a fish, some far away surfers, that kind of thing. Tadaaaaa!