I went for a walk! I took the camera! I took some pictures! These are them!

IMG_5231Some bamboo growing beside the driveway.


A messy red clay slip waiting to happen.


Some misty sheeps.



Some water tanks that looked kind of pretty.


This jumble of green is actually one of my favourite trees but I took a really crap picture of it. Its very very very tall and gnarly, with ropes of moss dangling off of it and palms are starting to grow in the crooks of it’s branches. Its just pretty.


Some weird mail box for angels.


A really fluffy cloud.


This is a bend in the road that is slowly falling away, its fun to whip around it at high speeds! If we were staying in the country I would totally steal that exclamation mark sign for the living room wall.


Trees and hills and sun and leaves and clouds and sky.


I found a cool bug! It was a huge beetle the size of my thumb and I had to stand in the middle of the road like an idiot lunatic to take a picture of it! I did not die. It maybe did..


This is the butt end of a flying fox in some AWESOME persons backyard. So at the top of the hill is a platform about 10 feet off the ground, and you sit on this little toggle thing and let go and you zoom at approximately 10 million miles an hour down the line until you get to the tires at the end which stops you extremely abruptly and ruins your pants. Its pretty fun..

And that was the end of my walk, because I saw CB coming up the road and flagged him down for a ride back home on the back of his motorcycle. I was really happy to see him because well, I hadnt seen him all day, and it was mostly up hill all the way home. It didnt hurt that he also had a back pack full of fried chicken and french fries. YEEEEAH!!

Back at home we sat out on the porch and ate our dinner in the last golden moments of the day. I mixed the juice from a can of tinned strawberries with gin for a “fancy” cocktail and we watched Pawn Stars. It was a lovely evening.

Bleach Buddies


What was a gorgeous sunny day has very quickly turned grey and cold with a wind that smells of electricity and rain.

Oh well, I’m stuck inside anyway, scrubbing away like a good little scrub. Bleach is my friend. Bleach fixes everything! J’adore le bleach, et c’est mon amie! Beacoup le bien grenouille sur le croustille! Perhaps I have spent too much time on my knees worshipping bleach today, I’ve gone all French in the head.

I’m going to miss this moldy old house in the middle of the jungle. While it was still warm and sunny this morning I snuck out while breakfast sizzled away and took a couple of pictures. Even though its full of black spiders the size of of basketballs and its bitchingly chilly at night, when it’s sunny its stupid beautiful. In the morning when the sun first hits it and all the wood of it shudders and creaks like me getting out of bed in the morning, is nice.


And there’s so many birds! I sat outside on the porch yesterday with an ear out for the hum of CB’s motorcycle heading down the driveway and all I could hear is goddamn twitters and tweets. I saw Gregory my fat wood pigeon attempting a graceful landing on a sapling that just swayed with his weight straight down to the ground. I saw beautiful white doves, some honking ducks, and a partridge, tuis, finches, fantails, sparrows, and screeching parrots all in the span 5 minutes.


I’m so gay for dewy spiderwebs. Its like.. you HAVE to take a picture if you seen one.


Some sad little daffodil unwrapping itself.


I love the look of those pom pom palms, they look like something out of fraggle rock or something. I also love the look of those ferns when their heads fall off and they are just strange tubes shooting out of the foliage.


A rose starting to rot, all the while looking very symmetrical and pink.


The view from our old green couch of our old green chair. As you can see, in the time it’s taken me to write this the weather has gotten sunny again.  A very cool thing is happening where I can see the rain blowing around the valley like a weird foggy mist but it’s not showering yet. Actually, even stranger, it’s not raining, the mist is being sucked upwards off of the pine trees into the clouds. Its very pretty to watch. Im off to wander around in circles barefoot on the lawn talking to myself until CB gets home from motorcycle laundry!



Yesterday CB and I made a dream come true. For the last 3 years we’ve been dreaming about cruising around New Zealand, me in a little piece of shit car that I love and CB on a motorcycle. Well, he did it, yesterday we spent all day zooming around twisty turny NZ roads in the sunshine. I think I was more nervous than he was when we started out. Before we got on the road for the first time, CB spent 20 minutes on our steep drive way practising hill stops & starts. I put a blanket down in the grass and laid on the front lawn watching him zoom up, roll back, zoom up, roll back…

This is our front lawn! Some of Wyatt the Cat’s favourite napping places can be found here.

Summer staples, jandals and ray bans man, like a cool kid.

A Tui in the tree above me. I took a picture hoping he didn’t poop all over my face as I did it.

Some fernage.

I found this GIANT fucking fat bellied spider crawling around beside me. GAHHHHHHH. He doesn’t look big in this picture but we was the size of a bloody dollar. I stalked him back to the garage where he lives with another giant spider in the gap by the window. I like to imagine they are a couple of old gays, having fly themed dinner parties.

The peacock, majestic as always, flying off his fence post perch. Look at that tubby bastard, he’s so dang beautiful. The last couple of weeks marked the end of his mating season so he’s been very quiet lately. Usually he’s strutting around screaming he’s little peacock brains out for a lady to come do nasty “special peacock dancing” with him. He also pulled out his beautiful tail feathers. I came up the drive way one morning, and there were 4 foot long peacock feathers EVERYWHERE. I was very seriously worried that he exploded. The neighbor suggested we gather them all up and stick them under the wheels of John’s car and make him think he murdered him with his car! She’s wacky.

Anyway once we got out of the driveway, it was awesome. At first we stayed near home, and I tailed CB in my Honda like a mother hen. We went down this quiet road where people go to ride their horses. Randomly there was a goat on the road eating some grass and I laughed out loud to myself in the car thinking how amazing it would be if 5 minutes after getting on his motorcycle he crashes directly into a goat. Would have been a hoot. Too bad he’s actually a good, cautious driver and saw the goat coming.

I had such a range of emotions, putt-ing around behind him. Happiness, excitement, nervousness, worry, anger at anyone coming too closely, extreme goat related laughter, but mostly just very proud. It’s a major thing, CB getting his motorcycle, it’s been years in the making, and it felt real good. We took a little break at home and then were back at it after lunch. We went all the way to Bethell’s Beach, and sat in the sun feeling so damn happy. It’s only been 2 days since he got his license, and he’s odometer reads 111km. Not too shabby.

Chowda Head

The other night, CB and I found an awesome seafood shop. We came home with 2kg of mussels for about six bucks and made the nicest dinner. CB steamed them in a pot over a sliced onion, and boiled up some corn and cooked up some shrimp in garlic butter while I made us some very strong rye & cokes and whisked up some garlic aoli. 15 minutes later we were out on the deck with John enjoying the summer and gorging ourselves on tasty bivalves! I saved the yummy mussel juice from the pot they were steamed in and tonight we made some CHOWDAAAAAA!

Mussel Chowder

1 kg mussels
4 filets fresh fish
2 cups leftover mussel potlicker, or chicken stock
1 onion, small dice
1 carrot, small dice
1 red pepper, small dice
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
4 medium potatoes
2 bay leaves
1 tsp smoked paprika
2 pieces of bacon, chopped
1/2 cup butter
2 cups milk

Boil up yer taters. Wash with cool water, until they stop being so damn hot!

Then, in another pot, or the same one sans potatoes, whatever, brown your bacon bits up. Add in your onion, garlic, carrots, red pepper, bay leaves and thyme. Cook until soft and tender.

Add in your fish bits, mussels, and potlicker/stock, and simmer for 10 minutes. Get your butter in there. Pour in milk, add potatoes. Eat it UP!


Bacon and poh-tay-tohzz

Some nice fush.

Mussels.. not looking very sexy, but tasting so nice!

Don’t even think about it, catface

Look at those steamy bacony veggies

Fish chunks

Oh soupy

Bikini Coffin


We have been going to the beach EVERY DAY! I have a suntan, and freckles, and random horrible burns all over me from where we missed applying sunscreen! YEEEAH! JEALOUS?

We went up to Piha to say happy new year to Lorrie & Gail, Rosie and Yvonne  and the two mentalcase dogs, who have all pretty much moved up to Piha campground for the summer. After hugs and catching up, Yvonne invited us to go up to a place ominously called “The Coffin” with her and a few friends. I was assured that it was called The Coffin because of it’s shape, not because there was a dead body in it. CB was on the fence about it until we found out her friends were all super nice teenage girls in bikini’s… So off we went!

Yvonne told us we would never know about it unless we were with a Piha Local, and yeeeeah, she was right. We hiked through a gorgeous jungle for half an hour, and then randomly turned left and followed a stream in the opposite direction, and then climbed on rocks all the way up to this crack between two mountains. In between them was a waterfall and a very deep coffin shaped pool. We watched the girls jump off the rocks and shoot down 15 feet into the water below.. needless to say, I was way too chicken to do it. BUT I did meet a cool beetle friend!

Look at his adorable little faaace. He lived on my hat!

So jandals, (flipflops) are not meant for hiking, and by the end of it our poor Canadian feet were scratched, bleeding and swollen from sliding into rocks and slamming into trees. We were also ravenous, and just destroyed the picnic we packed in the car. Roast chicken, cucumber & feta salad, and peaches mmrmrmmmm..

Wastin’ Time

Just a few photos from my walk around the K-Road in Auckland trying to waste some time until CB got off work. I had about 3 coffees.. and a tea… okay and a pie.. wrote an illegible blog from my iPhone, and looked into the window of  a lot of closed shops. That picture is of a little, way too expensive, antique shop in an arcade, which is like a little alley way full of shops off of main streets. This arcade had..

A corset shop– sweet.


And a shop that seemed to sell 2 strange ceramics and about 6 bed linens.. interesting..

I bought a skirt!

Haha it said Little Sheet Hot Pot..


A giant pineapple!

The place I spent most of my time, lately.


A sign outside our favourite chinese dumping shop. I wanted to take a picture for you, but the dumpling lady was in there working away and I didn’t want to annoy her, and ruin my supply of dumplings.

Some graffito.. this guy does bad skeletons all over the place..

That’s all!

Salty Ol’ Sea Dog

Our Wednesday day off together was spent running errands, perusing antique shops and flip flopping around on the beach. I bought a flowy gypsy hippy skirt for beach times and wore it around downtown for an hour before someone told me it was nearly completely see through in the sunlight…. eerp. Everybody been peeping my naked buns… so I chucked on a pair of shorts and we went to the beach!

One of my favourite things about living where we do, is the drive to Piha. Its such a relaxing, long and windy drive with nothing but mountains and sheer greenery all around us. Its about a 30 minute drive, but I love every minute of it. This time at Piha we scaled the side of Lion Rock. A drunken tourist recently fell off the side and died a horrible death because she did it drunk, at night, in high heels. It’s really a hiking boots only kind of climb. But I did it in bare feet and a long skirt.. also dangerous. I pretty much piggy backed CB all the way down.

BUT FIRST! We shared my favourite take away piece of delicious– a sea dog. A stick of crunchy fried fake crab, battered and deep fried, stuffed in a bun with cheese, mayo and lettuce. So good. Unnnnghhh…

We also were lucky enough to see a pale redheaded girl sunbathing in her bikini, like the first robin of spring… summer’s coming!