Joony Blumes


Hi there ho there

Maybe I need to change the reason behind this blog. It has existed primarily so that my family can see what Im up to while Im busy working. So that my mom knows that Im alive, mostly. But now, I am not working so much, and I have the ridiculous luxury of being able to call my Darling Fam every damn day if I want. And by dandy, I DO! Now that means they already know all the junk Im doing. Which means, I have no blog material! EEE!

It will have to go back to being a selfish blog again I suppose, just serving as record for myself. I like looking back through time to a random date and seeing where in the world we were and what we were eating there.


Its been foggy butt-shit weather out for the last week or so, providing us with copious amounts of wet laundry but zero pretty sunshine pictures. One day last week after work Sweet Pea and I took a walk through the woods and I took some pictures of weeds for fun.


Can’t leave home without my trusty coyote-smashing stick! SMASH MASH!


All kinds of creepy pale horror-movie Swamp Thing looking ferns coming up in the bog. Looks like something a dinosaur would munch on or something.


Scary but Beautiful looking pitcher plant gargling some swamp sweat, waiting for dinner.

Just through the patch of forest you come out onto the barrens. This is a flat, loamy area with some short shrubbery and whatnot. Lots of interesting plants growing here. Juniper, spruce, labrador tea, caribou moss, lily-of-the-valley, blueberries in blossom. And those little fluffball looking flowers. Cute.

I was having a fine time crawling around in the mud taking pictures while SweetPea zoomed all around me panting like a maniac. Then I heard this strange sound, like a cellphone vibrating. “Thats odd,” I said aloud to nobody but a blueberry bush. “…” said the bush back. I took another couple of pictures before the odd sound turned into this low rumbling moan and then I was like.. uhhmmmm… well, its not a bear, or a moose, or a wolf or coyote or some kind of poisonous reptile or murder turtle so Im not very worried. But thought maybe I should head back just in case. I hollered at Sweet Pea to come on now, and she jingled over to me and we headed back to the yard. The sound following us all the way, and my heart was racing, as I got ready to use my coyote smasher on this invisible menace!


Safe back at home. I took this picture of a flowering tree in front of Joan’s house that looked kinda nice. Later when CB got home from the diner I told him about the weird sound. He said right away that it must have been a bobcat! Cool. Later on that night Sweet Pea had the cat, Chrissy, trapped under the layzboy and you know what.. that cat made the exact same sound! Only smaller. Totally rad.


Sweet Pea and me having tea on the front porch waiting for CB to get home. After our walk in the woods Sweet Pea still had too much energy and ran away on me. I tracked her down in the car, kidnapped her off the street and drove her down to Gull Cove Road. There I opened up the door and kicked her out. I drove to the end of the road with her racing after me. The old girl went about 30km/hr the whole way! Good way to tire her out some.

Forget-me-nots and narcissus flowering in the garden. Those narcissus are over 60 years old.


Picked some flowers for the table.


Nan made fish cakes for dinner. On toasty bread with chow and a cuppa tea. So niiiiicccceeeee…

Alright thats enough for now, time for sleeping.

G’night Kara From The Future, hope everythings going well and you didnt peak eating fishcakes and picking tulips xoxoxox

Fungus Hunter


Today was 100% absolutely gorgeous all day long. And, it was my day off. I was having a very lazy morning. Sitting in my stink sipping tea, just taking it easy. The sun warmed up the house so much that I had to get up and turn the heat off. I thought maybe I should get outside for a bit, get some of that sunshine on me. Take a walk, blow the stink off me. If I sit around too long in my pj’s the malaise sets in and then the whole day has disappeared and all i have to show for it is a rainbow assortment of food stains on my sweat shirt.


So I got my boots on, put some music in my ear and grabbed the camera. I wandered out towards the pond by our house. Theres a nice patch of woods and theres all kinds of mushrooms growing in there. I have no idea whats what, so Im not interested in picking them. I just like the look of mushrooms. They seem kinda magical. When I was little I used to think fairies lived in them and when you leafed your thumb through their … under frills (?) the fairies would fly out. But now I see that it was just millions of mushroom spores flying out into my wide eyed baby face. Haha, children are dumb.


So I didnt realize this, but fireweed lets its delicious purple flowers drop off and then explodes into fluff.


Like cotton ball bird feathers. So strange. This is me, giving the poof a squeeze. As I am known to do.


Dogberries looking especially pretty against the super blue sky.


Sunlight on a spider wed = artistic photography!!


Some chewed up shroom.


Some chickadees where very interested in what I was doing. I think they were attracted to the sound of the camera.


They hung out within reach of me for the first  half of my walk, hopping from branch to branch, just keeping tabs. Nosy buggers.


Rosehips! Time to pick them I suppose. Make some jelly and tea.


Little mushroom looks like it was dusted with cocoa powder. Tiramisu mushroom. Tiramishroom.


My favourite colour green!


I can identify two mushrooms with certainty, chanterelle and hedgehog mushrooms. I have no idea what any of these mushrooms are at all, but mostly they didn’t look delicious anyway. I call this one.. Curly Butts Mushroom


Shiny charcoal log covered in emerald moss.


Pretty sure this is a crackerberry plant, but.. usually the leaves are green and the berries are red.. so this is weird..


The aptly named, blue bead orchid


Peeking through the moss


These mushrooms look like pancakes. I dub thee, Pancake Mushrooms


Look up! Look waaaay up! Yeah theres nothing there. Made ya look.


Sunny trees lookin all pretty n’ chit


Little red capped mushroom. I dub thee.. Little Red Riding Hood Fungus


Some kind of berry? Tasted like.. dry… and .. numb…


Path out to the pond


Thats all blueberries!


I sat down here for a while and listened to some Johnny Cash. It was nice. Wish I had brought a snack.


The water was sparkly


And the colour of beer bottles


Upscale fairy condominiums.


Leafs and stuff


Some dogberries, whatever


And thats the end of my walk.

Work is just now starting to ease off a bit. Hopefully I will have time to blog more. I miss it. It almost feels lonely, without an outlet for my ramblings and pictures of flowers. This weekend CB and I took a trip down to Bona Vista and did an event there called Roots, Rants & Roars. It was super, super fun and it is so crazy beautiful there. We ate.. everything. One morning, I ordered two breakfasts!!!! I didnt take many pictures but maybe I can dig them up.

Now Im going to have a cup of tea and watch The Rescuers, because that is a great movie. Goodnight!

The End of June Month

IMG_0832   I know it’s July now. I just noticed people say that here when they talk about some goings on in June. Not just “june” but “june month.” Unnecessarily specific, but has a nice sound to it.

Im just having a sit on the couch. It’s nice outside and inside. The window is open, and I can hear all the warblers warbling and the tits tittering. The wind shaking the leaves all crazy, flipping them like a million green coins, the sound is like a shimmer. It smells like pollen and plants and I cant fill my lungs full enough of this warm air. I count 16 mosquitos now, pressing their little fiendish faces up against the window screen, thirsty for my blood. The one and only downside of summer. It’s turned me into a pretty paranoid predator. Slapping little buzzing bodies anywhere, anytime, remorseless. Im getting good at it too. Like a ninja. There’s limited collateral damage now, mostly in the form of upsot cups of tea. CBs disapproving eye at my frantic flailing and slapping while he is trying to play Fallout. I’ll keep my blood thank you, it is not in me to give.


Green green green all around me. The urge to climb these trees surges up so strongly in me sometimes. I have to remind myself that it’s just whimsical nonsense and in reality I’m old and fat and slow and will just hook my ass on a branch and get stuck forever and they will call me Mongo The Tree Girl and throw apples at me to eat. Or a spider will run on my hand and I’ll scream and fall out and break all my hips. Broken Hip Hospital Vacation! NOT A BAD IDEA!


The worlds slowest growing nasturtium. I like to yell at it every time I walk by its sad little cement pot of saddy sadness. OH GAWWWWD why do you still only have 6 leaves?! You should be full of flowers! What am I feeding you all that delicious hot bacon grease for if you’re not using it to GROW GOD DAMN IT! *green thumb*


Found these weird things. Wonder what they will be? They look like they are from another planet. Theres all kinds of uncanny ass plants popping up all over now. All around the house are all these little ferns with bumpy blue stems. Upon further investigation–grabbing them–I realized it was in fact a regular green stem but covered in millions of tiny beetle babies and my hand came up covered in bug guts.  YAY!

Today I was thinking that Newfoundland probably must have the most beautiful ditches in the world. Riding around on the motorcycle today with CB I saw ditches brimming with alien stalks of pink & blue lupins, palm sized dandelions, fiery orange hawkweed, fluffy white snowballs of labrador tea flowers, fuschia lamb laurel bushes, wispy white beards of bog cotton, wild blue flag irises, pretty pink seathrift…  its overwhelmingly gorgeous. Its such a stark contrast to the endless bleak whiteness of winter. Everything wakes up in a rainbow! Theres a million different sorts of birds and a billion more sorts of bugs. This island literally buzzes with alive things. Anyway, its pretty nice. Here’s a link to someone elses blog about newfoundland flowers.


Put on a record. Clean the house. Wash the dishes. Wash the clothes. Wash our dirty stank butts.

I took these pictures in early June, but never got to write about it. We had a nice lobster dinner, just knives and meat and butter. I never liked lobster before I met CB. He invited me to one of his family lobster “feeds” and I was so shy and scared and just tentatively nibbled a claw soaked in butter. But now I am A BEAST! Well, not really. CB breaks them down, but I eat everything until I cant eat anymore. CB’s mum is still the lobster champion of all time. She is small but she can take down 4 of those buggers in a sitting. What a woman. IMG_0732_2   Fresh from the fish plant! Watching CB come out of the building with a bag full of lobsters looking so proud.


This is the smallest and feistiest one. I named him Hank. He was delicious.


CB demonstrates his east coast party trick of lobster hypnosis. Make him do a handstand, tickle his forehead with your forefinger.. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD!


IMG_0775_2   Sorry Hank, you salty little sea spider. You were just born too damn ugly and too damn tasty to live, man. IMG_0771

Notice this one. The Big Guy. Is. The. Size. of my baking pan! His claw was the size of CBs hand! He could barely lift it! What a hero.


What a beautiful sight.  Knife, board, beers, towels, pile of lobbies. Yeah thats what I call them now, I think it’s going to catch on.

IMG_0816   And now the massacre begins. Look away if you’re squeemish, or you might get lobster juice in your eye.

_MG_0808 That’ll do Hank, that’ll do.

Junuary Walk


Good news, everybody! June 19th marks the day we FINALLY TURNED OFF THE HEAT!

Bloody hell. Its always so fecking cold! I was told at work that “oh yeah, its always cold this time of year here. We call it June-uary” OH HOW QUAINT GOD DAMN IT! Mostly I’m just pissed because I bought this toque that was obviously someones first attempt at a hat and now Ive been wearing it for like 9 straight damn months! BAH! I SAY! BAH!

Anyway, these pictures are from my day off on Tuesday. It was sunny, and I decided to go for a walk and do a bit of foraging for some goodies. Flowers are starting to bloom, and leaves are all sprouting up and so many things are edible! My front lawn is pretty much a salad. All it needs is some thousand island and voila.

I packed my Foraging Kit:

– bottle of water
– camera
– cool shades
– a variety of plastic baggies
– a glove for picking prickly things

And I set off! I was fully imagining I was Princess Nausicaa in the beginning of The Valley of The Wind where she’s running all around collecting specimens in glass tubes….. My brother and sister may be the only ones who know what the hell I’m talking about. But that movie was my life as a girl.



I needed to collect some caribou moss, as usual. We go through a lot of it. I candy it and put it on cakes. Today I made a little forest scene on top of a birthday cake with candy dirty, and candy rocks, candy moss and then shooting up through it was real violets on their stems. It looked pretty cute. Im probably the only mofo putting shit like moss and candied beets on people’s bloody birthday cakes and getting away with it.


These little bell things are cute, not 100% sure what they are though. I think they will eventually be a berry.


Nice patch of creeping juniper here. I use the branches for syrups, or blitzed up in sugar for flavouring things. I also use the berries. There’s so much juniper here that I sometimes fantasize about opening a gin distillery here.


Now this is what I was really after; fireweed. The leaves taste exactly like tea, and the blossoms make a beautiful ruby red, perfumed jelly. Not enough were in bloom and the few that were were covered in bees frantically scraping up all the polleny goodness out of them. I felt too guilty taking away what limited blooms there are here from  the old bee’s so I’ll save it for next week.


These little darlings are spruce tips. Each three fingered prong gets these beautiful, super flavourful little bud on them. They are DELICIOUS and packed with vitamin C. Im doing all sorts of stuff with this, because the syrup and jelly is a beautiful purple colour.


They are full of pollen right now as well, if you can see it on my grubby little finger there.



Oh a bone!


I trudged my way up the hill, on my search for a better picture of some ice bergs. They have been so close and beautiful and I have no good pictures of them!


See them there.. those wee white specks in all that blue? Yeah thats them!


I took a break by this pond, which had this tangle of bog rosemary growing in it.



Beautiful little pink flowers.


I love anything with the prefix of “bog”. It’s charming.


All around the pond was a thick, green moss looking exactly like the shag carpeting that was in my nan’s living room when I was a kid. It was nice to sit on, in the sunshine, staring at my murkey little pond and eating random stuff.


I mentioned caribou moss, now this beautiful little puff ball is reindeer moss. Its finer, and grows in orb shaped puffs. Its lovely. And actually, not moss, it’s a lichen.


So cute.



Labrador tea, starting to bloom. They get pretty white flowers.


More fireweed growing in amoungst some short birch trees.


I found this weird stuff, and it was very pretty. I tried a bit, and it tasted like INTENSE seaweed followed by the unpleasentness of what I imagine licking an infected wound would taste like.. yeah.. like.. rot and pennies and blood and salt. Bleah. I really, really regretted that. But just in case I was wrong, I had another. CB told me that when he would go mushroom picking with his Poppy, he would have baby CB put anything they tasted in their pocket just in case it made them horribly ill and they needed to identify what it was. I should have put some of this in my pocket… because I was maybe worried I was going to die. DONT EAT RANDOM SHIT OFF THE GROUND, KIDS! Stay in school dont do drugs.


“Oh sweet, alfalfa sprouts! BLEH A DEAD MERMAIDS BUTTHOLE!”


And back home again.

There’s a lot more stuff out there thats ripe for the picking; burdock root, dandelion leaves, sorrel, baby violets, labrador tea, chicory, clover, pungent sweet gale.. nettle, wild mint.. lots of leafy stuff thats good for eating. I’ll keep posting what I do with what I collect. SEE YA!

Back In Town


13,888km down, 3,044 more to go!

Well, we’re back. We made it. Our butts were completely flat and our brains totally zonked after the 19 hour flight, but it was relatively painless. We’ve been back in Canada for 5 days and we have already done more than 14 hours of driving during our tour of hugs and cups of tea all around Ontario. So many hugs. So.. many..


It feels really good to be back in Canada. I will miss NZ, but not as much as I have missed my people here. Even my stinky old dog. ESPECIALLY my stinky old dog. And my brain damaged one eyed cat that barely recognized us. She just stood at the end of the hallway staring at us, stuck her tongue out, turned around and ran away.


Everyone is looking all tanned and healthy at the end of the summer here. Nothing has changed too dramatically since we’ve been gone. The engagement of a cousin, my brothers career success and scholarship to a masters program, another cousin starting her PhD in England, CB’s dad pretty much built a barn by himself and my gram moved our of her dream cottage because of the recession ruining everything ever. My parents are finally quitting smoking! And the money is plastic now!! Apparently it has been melting?? I dunno. All I know is when we got off the plane and ordered our first Tim Hortons coffees and bagels with cream cheese and doughnuts the total came to $5 and I was like.. wait really, all of these foods? I love you canada! It was nice to hear Canadian accents again. We sound fucking goofy, eh! IMG_5301


Oh, and breakfast. Oh how I missed ye, smokey bacon and sausages and has browns and eggs and ketchup! Real ketchup! Hallelujah!



We have managed to eat most of the foods we were nostalgic for in New Zealand. It all began with breakfast at the diner. Dill pickle chips. Yellow beans with butter and pepper. DOUGHNUTS! Kraft dinner. Red Hot Hot Dogs. Proper bacon. Sausages! My moms cooking. BBQ’d hamburgers and potato salad with hardboiled eggs. Drip coffee. Kosher dill pickles.


I took some pictures around my mums garden. Some pretty flowers being all pretty, and for some reason a dragon. The backyard in Elliot Lake is beautiful. My parents have hung hummingbird feeders and they had hummingbirds buzzing around all the time, making cute little squeeks. They dont even seem like real life things.

On the way up north we saw a baby bear! All over the highway.. poor bugger. We also saw a skunk, a deer, a coyote and a cat.. all over the highway.. Charming! Oh and CB saw a beaver, alive!


Oscar giving me The Look. Hypnotizing me into putting my camera down and going in the house to whip him up a pan of lasagne. It FAILED!


My sister with a cute ghost on her shirt.


We got out in my parents pontoon boat for one last ride around the lake before it gets sold. It was so sunny and relaxing.


This is a picture of a nice rock I took while we waited for my dad to start the boat after horribly flooding the engine!


We saw EAGLES!!


After a nice dinner of pad thai my sister and I went for a walk to the beach around the corner.



Damn punk kids and their graffitos.


‘Laxin and maxing in ma flippy floppies.


Sand swoop!

Tomorrow Im picking my beloved brother up at the train station for pool parties and BBQ chicken! Woo WOO! Then we pack up our sweet old Buick and we are off to Newfoundland! Its going to take about 4 days to get there, so we will take lots of pictures mom I promise.



June Bug


Eugh. I hate June bugs.

Anyway there is no threat of June bugs here, because it is winter. The only June bug here is the cold CB & I currently have. We have been spending our nights romantically snuggling in bed. Trying not to freeze to death, snotting all over the place. At one point CB just gave up and laid on his side with a pile of toilet paper beside his head and just let it flow, baby. Au Naturale. I cuddle up to whisper sweet nothings in his plugged ears and just cough and wheeze loudly like an an asthmatic old man. And when I cough, its so strong, that I fart. Romance.

ANYWAY. I haven’t written a blog in eons because our internet is less than dependable and has just decided not to bother anymore. BUT ALSO more importantly I haven’t done a blog about things I love in a long time.. so here goes!

Firstly on things I love, ma fam. And in fam news, a HUGE MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Vick who is now engaged!! Finally some handsome young buck is going to make a proper man outta her! I’m very proud. She’s the first one of us cousins to get a ring on it, and probably the last considering the state of us as a group…. Love you guys!

Secondly, I quit my job! Because it was terrible! And I hated it! And now I have a new job! Fine dining, y’all. I’m very excited, but more nervous than I am excited. Its an awesome opportunity to tighten, refine and expand my skills until I am an elite pastry jedi and can make souffles rise with my mind and trisect sponge cakes with my light saber and then make out with my sister and have my dad cut off my hand !! Did I mention I watched the entire star wars trilogy while I was home sick from work..

AND ON THAT NOTE! Things I hate: Boba Fett. Why is he so popular? He’s in the movie for like 25 seconds, fumbles around trying to shoot Skywalker, and then falls into the Sarlak pit like an idiot.

More things I love:


My wood pigeon friend Gregory. His hobbies include being a super fat pigeon, waiting til Im not paying attention and dive bombing the trees over my head which makes me scream, and attempting to poop on me!


Wandering around the yard finding random weird cool things and trying to eat them. The tenants before us here were “organic gardeners” which I think just meant they were lazy and just chucked random plants all over then put their rabbits poop on top of it. But it means I get to find all kinds of cool things sprouting up from weird places, which is always fun.


I love these garbage lilies. They are beautiful and always grow beside piles of garbage, beside highways and in dumpy places like that. They are pretty.


Dew drops on petals.


Dew drops on SPIDER WEBS!


Fog hanging low in the valley.


Fuzzy leaves.


Yard work in the winter. Muddy boots and runny noses, weed whackin and sweepin’ it all up. Feels good!

I also love a couple of small things we have managed to save for in the last 3 weeks that have actually vastly improved our quality of life, such as a coffee table and a little red vacuum cleaner. Its amazing how those things make me a lot happier. Now I can clean up our dirty house, and have a place for my computer and coffee that isn’t just my lap. Because that was always an accident waiting to happen! Every time we do laundry at the laundromat in Henderson we wander the second hand shops around it and we always find something. We have furnished the living room for $65!

I love that my mom said “Love That Rectal Rain” to me the other day when we were discussing oreos.


I love Exit Mold. One day last week we woke up to a warm fog enveloping our little house which is a nice change to the freezing cold dampness of the devil that usually wakes us up. But it seemed to trigger every surface in the house to erupt overnight with a layer of mold. It was.. horrible.. but we systematically cleared every room, vacuumed, bleached and laundered every item, and put it back. And now our house is spic and span! So it was kind of nice.

Cheese & Mince pies from the Snaxx Cafe on Queen Street and the K road.. yeah baby.

I love that we are such country bumpkins that there is a mouse living in our CAR.  So, we went to the car wash today and.. tidied. But how country is THAT! Yeah!

I love that I mentioned to CB that I was thinking of mixing my apple cider with prune juice to make a new sensational cocktail and he replied that it was “a good idea if I want effervescent diarrhea for the next 2 days”. For some reason that was especailly visceral to me and I laughed, a lot. Imagine. IMAGINE IT!

I love having a fever. It makes me happy!

I love lemongrass. Lemon grass, steeped in milk tastes EXACTLY like Fruit Loops! Incroyable! I might make lemongrass panna cottas on my next day off and Ill post it up here.

OH! My biggest love of the last few weeks is a present CB bought me. A motorcycle helmet. And then, we went out, and he taught me how to ride his motorcycle! I didn’t get passed 30km/h and I can only drive in a straight line, but it was an ADRENALINE RUSH! And I love it. I’ve got the motorcycle madness! My next present is going to be a sweet sticker for my helmet. Im thinking of like.. a sexy bikini girl with chains and roses and fiery skulls that glows in the dark. Ill keep you posted.

And I love dinner, which I am going to go make. Peace out!

Lawn Gnomes


This is our house! Its a cute wee thing in the middle of the woods and I’m so damn happy to be calling it home. To find it you have to go careening up curvy mountainous roads, make a sharp turn into what appears to be a solid wall of palm trees and bamboo and then go rumbling down a steep, pebbly, homocidal driveway and try not to disappear off either side and go rolling in a fiery inferno onto the fields below. Fun, every time.


But as the reward, you get this. Nice eh? Not a house or car in sight. Just grass and trees and birds. Tuis, spectacled finches that look like they have googly eyes glued to their heads, wax-eyes, fan tails, hawks, birds that look remarkably like Eugene Levy, little brown ones, little black ones, and one giant fat pigeon named Greg who is seriously exactly like a basketball covered in feathers. He takes immense pleasure in pooping on me when I walk under him. We are enemies. Damn you, Greg!


Come, walk with me around the gardennssssss…


Today was the day we Took Back The Yard! It involved a giant bloody pair of shears and a beauty of a lawnmower that’s leftover from some war time era. Did they have any wars in the Victorian times? I also spent the bulk of the morning picking off leaves and stems of every plant, eating them and declaring what they were before pruning or pulling them out of the ground without mercy. Everything turned out to be some kind of lettuce.


There she is! I can feel everyone in the entire world laughing at how impractical and stupid this is, but holy smokes.. its so fun. Its such a cool, simple, practical machine and it does its job really damn well. As my parents can both attest to, I detest mowing the lawn, but this was actually really fun. And an incredible work out. I didnt realize I had muscles under my arms and in the backs of my knees… ee…


Here is our glorious pile of clippings that I was very proud of! This is also a picture of our new gym.. I was sore after this.


A pretty flower. I can’t remember what these are called. Bird of Paradise? Anyway, very pretty and we have a wall of them around the front of the house.


Doing the laundry. Also the old fashioned way because we are too poor for a washing machine right now.  We do it by hand in the sink.. it takes about a week to get it all done. Thats not an exaggeration.. Anybody in the Auckland area want to donate a washing machine to a couple of broke ass but loveably dimwitted Canadians who seemingly insist on doing absolutely everything the hardest way possible??

Also for the record CB is way better at all of these things than me. Somehow when I do a load, all my tshirts come out smelling like my socks and when he does it it’s like we’re both wearing clothes washed in springtime rainbows.  Argh..


A tamarillo tree. I can’t tell but I think they are ripe— anybody in the Auckland area want to swap a washing machine for 20kg of tamarillos? Mmmm tamarillos, for when you cant decide whether you want to eat a tomato or a .. grape?


A little tiny grasshopper thing! I was going to say Weta but I’m not sure. We definitely have wetas here though, they look like prehistoric grasshoppers and are more amazing than they are scary. Greg likes to eat them.


Nasturtiums looking for the light. Future plans to turn this little shed into a chicken coop until the landlords notice… CHOOKS!


Looking up into the tamarillo tree.


This tree is growing beside the tamarillos and I don’t know what it is. It is some kind of fruit for sure. Feijoa??


The insides taste nice but have that bitter pectin-y taste.. hm..


An armload of the worlds most beautiful beets!


The back of the lot, not much going on back here. Just grass and some .. even bigger grass.


A nice fern that shades our garden.


This beautiful tree covered in purple flowers is my favourite. They look ultra violet against the green background of New Zealand bush and are so mesmerizing.


The healthiest silver beet in the universe. We will be eating this everyday forever.


A look out into our valley.


Celery! Growing out of the ground! I didnt know it did that!


Little pink rosebuds.


These are two of the strangest flowers in the garden. No idea what they are, and they do not taste good.





Mowing down the foot of thick, wet grass.


A monarch sipping the sweet nectar of this lovely tree. Some kind of rata? I really need to get a book on this stuff..


Squishing a tamarillo and eating its GUTS!


All the while, a tui sits and watches me, whistling like a little old man.