“Folly On, Folly On”


Yo yo yo

Some coffee, some omelettes, some pretty trees, and some news!

CB and I are going to move to Cape Breton in November!!

This island is one of the most gorgeous places on the entirety of planet Earth, but after two and a half years it’s about time to move on. We will miss so many things, so much. We made some really, really good friends here, who I hope keep me in their life because I want to keep them. In a little box, in the attic, forever. Nice and safe.. nice and safe.. my precious……. But if you know us, you know we suffer from a chronic case of itchy feet. I’m not just talking about the fungus, Im talking about the push for new stuff to see and do. It feels sad, but also really deep down good, to think about the next thing. Exciting! Fresh! Bold New Flavours! This is sounding like a Juicy Fruit commercial..


Today we got up and made some breakfast, drank copious amounts of coffee, and talked about the future. It was nice. LOOK AT THAT BREAKFAST! Damn. Then we went out for a wee walk. It was chilly, but with no wind and lots of sun so very pleasent. I took pictures of mushrooms, as I do.


So pretty, the sunshine on the super green moss and blue-white snow. Little mushrooms poking out.


Crunchy crunchy ice.


Spikey moss


Peeking through the trees at the pond

IMG_2076Found this golden mushroom!


Frosty grass, the pond is covered in thin patterns of ice like glass. CB through rocks on it, and they cracked through like a spoon through creme brulee. So satisfying..


Pretty red leaves and black berries


Birchy birches

IMG_2080 IMG_2112

These mushrooms looked so beautiful in the snow

IMG_2126 IMG_2144Ice and yellow leaves
IMG_2143Some snow on the ground, but still leaves on the trees!

Thats the end of the walk. I was going to tell you more about our plans but I think i should probably stop watching this Richard Pryor documentary and get in the shower, get ready for work. Alright alright here I go. SEE YA!

Good morning Balogne!



Tea cake treat! Graham cracker, marshmallow covered in chocolate. Inspiration for a new night time dessert! Marshmallow Ice Cream, hot fudge sauce and big fluffy gingerbread cookies called Fat Archies (thanks, Arlene!). Just because I want to eat that.


CB finally got his new motorcycle boots! They were a long time coming and specially made just for him. He was excited like a little girl unwrapping them. They were born in Romania by an Italian motorcycle company, designed by a company in Duluth, Minnesota. So they had a long journey.


He is very happy. I saw a picture accidentally on google images once of a motorcyclist who wasnt wearing proper boots and his bones were outside of his body SO since then we have been saving up for REALLY good boots because that is my new nightmare. Gah!


Coffee and breakfast!


CB’s glorious potatoes ARE HAPPENING!! So golden brown and crispy.



Morning Coffee Ramble


A beautiful breakfast meats flower that blooms in my tummy.

Its about 11 am and Im sitting at my new desk in my cold little blue “painting room”. Its very sunny and my view out the window is of snow covered rocky granite hills. My feet are cold on the linoleum floor despite my double sock protection so Im alternating which one stays on the floor.  I’m listening to youtube videos of a girl quietly speaking korean, talking about face creams. It’s super relaxing. I can hear CB in the other room talking to his brother about motorcycles. We got up early, but not earlier than the sun today, thank god. CB made a nice breakfast and I made some weak ass coffee. Our plans for the day are minimal, being as it is sunday. I’d like to clean up and go for a walk by the ocean later. It’s not too cold out, just snowy. Contemplating another coffee.

I’m glad we went away to NZ for millions or reasons but the one Im thinking about today is that it made me appreciate snow again. In the city, snow wasnt fluffy white and romantic, it was grey sludge that made everyone miserable buttholes and really screwed up your day. Especially if you’re an idiot who rides her bike to work through it every day. Yesterday when CB drove me to work in the dark there was a blanket of snow on the ground a foot deep. It’s been so so so so windy here lately but the air was very quiet and not very cold. We could tell we were the first people to drive on the road because there were no tire tracks at all. We felt a tinge of guilt for some reason at that, like we wrecked the purity of white that was going on. Later at work I went out of the kitchen to the outbuilding to grab some more molasses and the sight of all that white around me literally made me gasp. I forgot how beautiful snow is! ITS SO COOL! I’m totally gay for snow right now.

CB has been taking care of the two newfie dogs at work a couple of times a week. He takes them for long walks, and is training the boy-dog or.. man dog.. how to pull carts. He loves it! He puffs out his chest and looks so noble pulling his cart of wood all around. It was nice to go outside in my chef whites and look out over the snowy landscape around me, at the blue blue ocean, and see CB and two fluffy dogs bounding around so small way out in the distance. When I came into work in the morning my oven wasnt working, the freezer had gone down and my frustration levels were mounting and it wasnt even 5:30 am yet.. but being able to go outside and see insane beauty for some reason takes all my stress away! And I remember, it’s just desserts, calm down and just make some nice stuff. And then I do it. And then I eat it. And then my blood feels restless, like it wants to get into a mosh pit and F some S up! Ya know! F some S Up! F IT!

Anyway… I better go drag my mangy ass into the shower. Woo the smell of me! It was a long work week and I am ripe. Last night we both got home late and were so tired. I vaguely remember heating up a tiny frozen pizza for dinner. But first nearly burning down the house because I cranked the oven to 425 and didnt realize the oven was full of breadcrumbs from the previous nights dinner debacle. I murdered them.. they were beyond toast. I think I created a new breadcrumb based form of carbon. Bah. I probably could have thrown some cheese on it and ate that though, would have been tastier than the McCain brand LIE that we ate. It was more like a large pizza flavoured cracker, improved slightly by the 1/2 brick of mozza and jar of olives I dumped on it. ANYWAY! Frozen pizzas only digest into regret and weird, uncomfortable dreams. Today is grocery day, so tonight we’ll dine like KINGS!

And a queen.. Yeah..

Things I Like This Morning


Day off numero dos! Its just noon now and already I have liked so many things!

1. I got to sleep IN!

2. Coffee

3. The sounds and smells CB making breakfast!

4. Doing something I havent done in years..


Setting up my easel. I haven’t done that in a very long time. Picking up my paint tubes and squeezing them. Making sure the caps still come off. It’s been 3 or 4 years since I have used these and I only had 2 casualties. Who needs burnt umber anyway. ONLY EVERY PAINTING EVER but thats okay it’s an excuse to get a new tube. My easel is teak, one of my top ten favourite woods of all time! Its held together with brass washers and wing nuts and folds into a little box you can wear as a back pack. I had romantic ideals of taking it out to a field and wearing a straw hat and painting sunflower fields. Then eating my paint, getting syphilis, and cutting my ear off. The closest I got was lugging it out to the middle of a frozen lake in the middle of January. I painted an entirely white and light blue canvas before going home to drink Harvey Wallbangers by myself.


Smelling my brushes like a creep. They smell like linseed oil and turpentine. I’m a big fan of fans, as you can tell. Setting out my nan’s palette knives in a row and testing their springy-ness. I never use palette knives because I paint in a different way to my nan, but maybe I should give them a go. She used to make thick, impasto paintings and I always thought she made smears and blobs look so elegant. I like to thin out my oil paint to the point of near transparency and build layers on layers on layers. However I usually get distracted 10% of the way into a painting and wander off to get snacks…


Only a few tubes remain of my pretty bulky collection. Some colours I never even used, I just liked to own them. Some of these are from high school, some are from my failed attempt at art school, some from my Nan. The ones from my Nan are probably about 30 years old and rock hard but I keep them anyway.


While setting up my easel I went to find a bottle of WD40 and in my absence the easel plonked straight to the ground and knocked the radiator off the wall. Unfortunate, but I did find this cool picture of a dog!

I’m hoping have a little crappy arts studio in our trailer will entice my sister to come visit.. come on dude, its great! We can do an art!


These are some cool postcards we found at a shop here and keep meaning to send to some folks. The only other postcard in the pile was of a dogs butthole wearing sunglasses. CB wouldnt let me send them to anyway. Sorry mom.


My SWEET golden playstation controller that I KNOW CB plays GTAV with when Im not here.


CB cooking sunday breakfast. He is the epic legendary kug fu master of balogne and eggs. Look at those crispy orange roast potatoes. Thats skillz.


My Nan’s timer ticking away, telling us when eggs are ready.


Les œufs sont finis! Il est temps pour les oeufs etre dans ma bouche! LE FRANCAIS!


The best part of waking up, is balognies in my mouth!

We watched the new Sheild tv show. Its alright. Generic pretty brown haired people being super smart and pretty. But there is both an english and scottish accent and a flying car, so I’m content.

P.S in case you didnt notice that’s a balanced breakfast right there. Look at those little Pac Man balognes! THE BEST.

Back In Town


13,888km down, 3,044 more to go!

Well, we’re back. We made it. Our butts were completely flat and our brains totally zonked after the 19 hour flight, but it was relatively painless. We’ve been back in Canada for 5 days and we have already done more than 14 hours of driving during our tour of hugs and cups of tea all around Ontario. So many hugs. So.. many..


It feels really good to be back in Canada. I will miss NZ, but not as much as I have missed my people here. Even my stinky old dog. ESPECIALLY my stinky old dog. And my brain damaged one eyed cat that barely recognized us. She just stood at the end of the hallway staring at us, stuck her tongue out, turned around and ran away.


Everyone is looking all tanned and healthy at the end of the summer here. Nothing has changed too dramatically since we’ve been gone. The engagement of a cousin, my brothers career success and scholarship to a masters program, another cousin starting her PhD in England, CB’s dad pretty much built a barn by himself and my gram moved our of her dream cottage because of the recession ruining everything ever. My parents are finally quitting smoking! And the money is plastic now!! Apparently it has been melting?? I dunno. All I know is when we got off the plane and ordered our first Tim Hortons coffees and bagels with cream cheese and doughnuts the total came to $5 and I was like.. wait really, all of these foods? I love you canada! It was nice to hear Canadian accents again. We sound fucking goofy, eh! IMG_5301


Oh, and breakfast. Oh how I missed ye, smokey bacon and sausages and has browns and eggs and ketchup! Real ketchup! Hallelujah!



We have managed to eat most of the foods we were nostalgic for in New Zealand. It all began with breakfast at the diner. Dill pickle chips. Yellow beans with butter and pepper. DOUGHNUTS! Kraft dinner. Red Hot Hot Dogs. Proper bacon. Sausages! My moms cooking. BBQ’d hamburgers and potato salad with hardboiled eggs. Drip coffee. Kosher dill pickles.


I took some pictures around my mums garden. Some pretty flowers being all pretty, and for some reason a dragon. The backyard in Elliot Lake is beautiful. My parents have hung hummingbird feeders and they had hummingbirds buzzing around all the time, making cute little squeeks. They dont even seem like real life things.

On the way up north we saw a baby bear! All over the highway.. poor bugger. We also saw a skunk, a deer, a coyote and a cat.. all over the highway.. Charming! Oh and CB saw a beaver, alive!


Oscar giving me The Look. Hypnotizing me into putting my camera down and going in the house to whip him up a pan of lasagne. It FAILED!


My sister with a cute ghost on her shirt.


We got out in my parents pontoon boat for one last ride around the lake before it gets sold. It was so sunny and relaxing.


This is a picture of a nice rock I took while we waited for my dad to start the boat after horribly flooding the engine!


We saw EAGLES!!


After a nice dinner of pad thai my sister and I went for a walk to the beach around the corner.



Damn punk kids and their graffitos.


‘Laxin and maxing in ma flippy floppies.


Sand swoop!

Tomorrow Im picking my beloved brother up at the train station for pool parties and BBQ chicken! Woo WOO! Then we pack up our sweet old Buick and we are off to Newfoundland! Its going to take about 4 days to get there, so we will take lots of pictures mom I promise.



Missing Meals


CB is working through the night and once again I’m trying to adjust to going to sleep without him. He always sleeps with tv noise jabbering away quietly and constantly and he set that up for me tonight so it would be just like usual. His computer is switching between episodes of Adventure Time, Futurama, and Batman the Animated Series. It is helping actually.. also the Batman cartoon is actually pretty great, Im enjoying it.

Tonight for dinner I snuck 2 small hot cross buns home from work wrapped neatly in cellophane. I toasted those bad boys up and covered them with butter and golden syrup and fried up a fat pork sausage and that was my dinner with a really strong black tea. It was a nice little dinner, but eating dinner alone feels pointless. Dinner is for people, not reading celebrity gossip and preciously nibbling a sausage by ones lonesome. Aw well, I’ll get used to it. I’m just being a lame butt.

Man I love hot cross buns, they remind me of breakfast at my Nanny and Bapa’s. The smell of these Easter treats brings me right back to their breakfast table. Hot cross buns for breakfast or soft boiled eggs with strips of toast with salty margarine and thick black currant jam. Then my sister and I would put on the matching cardigans my Nan knitted for us, don our flat caps that were just smaller versions of our Bapa’s and go for a wander around Lake Ontario on a cold spring morning. I would race around like an idiot, climbing on the giant rocks and scampering up trees while my sister just walked quietly beside my Bapa. I have no idea how a grown man managed to keep the pace of my sister, Trundle Squad Captain, especially when her legs were only about 8 inches tall. Mostly we would wonder what was for dinner. And we would pray for my Nans Velveeta mac and cheese.

Hot Cross Bunnies

Its getting colder here like fall, but Eastery things are happening and its kind of messing my brain up. Right now Im sitting in our little make shift living room and listening to the wind howl, crickets chirp and birds sing their little bedtime songs. Its dark and about to rain..

I guess it’s time for me to sing my little bedtime song too. Goodnight chumpsters!

Fondest Regards,


P.S I just found a picture of a very rare dinner I had with BOTH of my siblings in Toronto on this day last year..

“Mush”, hardboiled eggs on salad, and wild salmon on caramelized onions care of my fishmonger brother.

Campervan Sleepovers!

Kiri Kiri Bay near Murawai Beach, New Zealand

We went camping! In our van! For real, for the first time! It was awesome.

Yesterday was CB’s New Zealand Birthday (Today is his Canadian Birthday). So after pies at Piha we met up with Rosie in Brown’s Bay for brunchy goodtimes. Rosie had taken CB to a french cafe that she and her Gran had visited a lot as a little girl, last time he was in NZ. So we thought that would be the perfect place to go. IT WAS TRES BEAUCOUP. Unfortunately I forgot the danged camera in the car so you will just have to use your imaginations. CB had a giant breakfast and the toast was CROISSANTS and two soup bowls full of espresso… I had a slice of ham & camembert quiche with Earl Grey tea. Rosie had a spinach & noodle dish that looked delicious and bright pink peach & raspberry tea which she drank cold. For dessert Rosie had a cream doughnut and I had a coffee flavoured Religeuse.

It’s a choux puff, filled with flavoured pastry cream, dipped in glaze and topped with a smaller, filled choux puff. So nice.

Afterwards Rosie presented CB with a kitten-themed birthday card and a bottle of “Purple Death“. Purple Death is… a wine product? The back of the bottle reads:

An unusual “Rough-as-Guts” aperitif that has the distinctive bouquet of horse-shit and old tram tickets. It is best drunk with the teeth clenched to prevent the ingestion of any foreign bodies. Connoisseurs will savour the slight tannin taste of tea leaves and burnt cat fur. Possessors of a cultivated palate will admire the initial assault on the taste buds with comes from the careful and loving blending of animal manure and perished jock straps strained through an old miners sock. The maturing in small pigs bladders gives it a very definite nose.

I can’t wait to crack this baby open and.. celebrate? Yay! Thanks Rosie!

And then we were off to the market! We weren’t after anything in particular, I was keeping my eye out for a birthday present for CB but they didn’t have any old man looking fishing rods or spiderman action figures. Then we meandered around on the beach for a while. Rosie and CB talked about photography stuffs and I followed behind picking up sea shells. I got some real good ones. Mom, your bathroom is going to be so full of sea shells now!

At about 3pm we parted ways and CB and I headed home to prepare for our CAMPING TRIP!

#1. Eat some birthday pizza, followed by birthday chocolate bar.
#2. Load up the car with blankets and pillows and bottles of ginger beer
#3. Drive around from beach to beach only to find them locked. Travel for 2 hours down dark windy 100km roads to find a same place to pull over
#4 Give up and sleep on the side of the road in the bush!

Our “hotel”

We lucked out though, it was beside a walking trail so it had a bathroom! Woohoo! We set up the bed and tucked ourselves in and watched the first half of High Tension before I freaked out and we had to turn it off and just listen to an audiobook instead. We fell asleep, warm and snug in our van, listening to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It was really comfy.

Sun Rise

In the morning we were up with the sun and off down to Murawai Beach to cook some breakfast! I got to do a bit of off roading in Bula for the first time, driving her over sand dunes and onto the beach. That was fun. You’re all good unless you stop! You just have to conquer nature with confidence! CB made sausages, fried eggs and tea while we watched the waves roll in. Probably one of the nicest ways to wake up.

Our Van in Full On Breakfast Mode on Bethells Beach
Grilling up some sausages
Yom Yom
Horseback Riders along the surf
Hoof Prints