Taking some pictures around the house. This is out on the bridge, out looking across to the south side of town. Its bloody cold out today, so I didnt take many more pictures outside!



The pretty girl, smiling.




Coupla nice jugs! Ha-HAW!

This duck givin’ me the ol stink eye.


Christmas Town, lording over us, biding their time until they shine again..



Some rocks and ropes and stuff.



Turnips with tons of butter and pepper, daaaa-yum, so yum, in my tum!



Pretty long beets, ready for pickling! I got 3 litres of pickled beets!



My favourite cold weather activity. Cooking down a big pan of Way Too Many Onions in Way Too Much Butter until they are brown and delicious.



Make a warm cup of tea.


Butter melting in a cast iron pan, OOOOOU sexy sexy, too much, stop!



CB’s awesome dinner of breaded lamb kidneys, thick cut bacon, onions and brussel sprouts. Because he is a 115 year old man. Although he did race around all week like a fucking superhero after eating this so I guess there’s something to it.

Alright Im going to go watch this Australian horror movie “the babadook”?? I’m not.. looking forward to it.. wish me luck!

Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “Chillywacker”

    1. The babadook?? I dont know, we ended up watching David Attenborough talk about eagles instead. I’ll let you know how this thing plays out this evening.

      The last aussie horror flick we saw had killer sheep in, and was actually pretty awesome, so I shouldnt have been so cynical. The name though.. the name..

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